On Tinder, Russian soldiers try to match with Ukrainian women

On the sidelines of the unprecedented Russian-Ukrainian clashes underway, a slew of soldiers sent to the front by Vladimir Putin have decided to flirt with the enemy female camp via the queen of dating applications.

A flood of naughty messages from Don Juans in combat gear bombarded the phones of Ukrainian users of the online singles giant.

Dasha Synelnikova, a 33-year-old Ukrainian girl who told her unexpected Tinder adventures to the tabloid The Sun, tried the experiment after hearing about the absurd rumour: "I actually live in Kiev, but I changed my location settings for Kharkiv after a friend told me there were Russian troops all over Tinder".

The hottest Russian soldiers in your area

Andrei, Alexander, Gregory, Michail... The "matches" are raining. And this salvo of admirers is well made up of Russian soldiers who willingly shared their strategic position on the battlefield, at the dawn of the first muscular attack of this week. Dasha remained dumbfounded by their detachment, in complete disrepair with the ambient terror north of Kharkiv: "I was able to come across a burly guy lying on a bed trying to look sexy with his gun. Another was in full Russian combat gear and others showed off in tight striped vests. I found none of them attractive and would never consider sleeping with the enemy. I automatically swiped my finger at the left to reject them".

Her curiosity, however, pushed her to strike up a conversation with some of them, like Andrei, 31, whose photos show him clutching his Kalashnikov rifle with his fingers, the helmet screwed on his head. "I would have come to meet you, but Russians have not been welcome in Ukraine since 2014 (when pro-Russian forces seized Donbas and annexed Crimea)," he told her.

'Black', a 33-year-old sparsely bearded Chechen fighter, reveals a sensitive side by attaching a portrait of him cuddling his cat. "These guys are just like everyone else on Tinder – they want love or companionship," Dasha ends with hope that they'll repent.

After severe remonstrances, the extinction of 4G and the confiscation of laptops is appropriate for the troops in need of tenderness.

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