The Great SpaceX Nostril Bubble Incident: When a Cold Employee's Laughter Created a Mysterious Floating Orb

It was a typical meeting at SpaceX, with the team discussing the latest updates on their space missions. As usual, Elon Musk was leading the meeting, sharing his ideas and cracking a few jokes to lighten the mood.

One of the employees, a young woman named Sarah, was feeling a bit under the weather. She had a cold and was sniffling a lot, trying her best to ignore her stuffed-up nose.

As the meeting went on, Elon told a particularly funny joke, and Sarah couldn't help but laugh. But as she laughed, something strange happened. A huge bubble suddenly appeared out of one of her nostrils, hovering in the air before slowly popping.

Everyone in the meeting room stared in shock and amusement, unsure of what to make of the bizarre occurrence. Elon, trying to keep a straight face, asked Sarah if she was okay.

Sarah, embarrassed and a little confused, nodded and quickly grabbed a tissue to blow her nose. "I'm sorry, I must have a weird cold," she apologized, hoping to brush off the incident.

But as the meeting went on, the team couldn't help but snicker every time Sarah sniffled or blew her nose. And Elon, well, he made sure to include a few more nostril-related jokes in his presentations from then on.

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