The Great Tesla Door Lock-In: How One Employee Got Trapped Inside a Car for 24 Hours

It was a routine test of the doors on the latest model of Tesla electric cars. The employee assigned to the task, a young man named Jack, had done this many times before and knew the drill. He would lock and unlock the doors, checking for any issues or glitches.

But this time, something went terribly wrong. As Jack was testing the lock mechanism, the door suddenly closed and locked itself, trapping him inside the car.

At first, Jack assumed it was just a glitch and tried to open the door manually. But no matter how hard he pulled and pushed, the door wouldn't budge. He was stuck.

Panicked, Jack tried to call for help on his radio, but there was no response. It seemed that the radio, along with all the other electronic systems in the car, had been disabled by the door lock malfunction.

As the hours ticked by, Jack began to worry. He had no food or water, and the air conditioning was starting to fail. He tried to keep himself occupied by singing loudly to pass the time, but eventually he fell into a fitful sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he couldn't believe he had been locked in the car for a full 24 hours. His stomach was growling and he was desperate for a drink of water.

Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, he heard a knock on the window. It was his boss, looking worried and confused.

"Jack, what are you doing in there?" he asked, trying to open the door.

"I'm not sure," Jack replied, relieved to finally be rescued. "But I think I'm ready to take a break from door testing for a while."

From that day on, extra precautions were put in place to make sure no one else got accidentally locked in a Tesla during a test. And Jack, well, he decided to stick to testing the more low-tech parts of the car from then on.

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