The story took place in Birmingham in April. Perpetual Uke, suffering from Covid-19, was placed in an artificial coma due to the deterioration of his state of health.

Placed in an artificial coma to stabilize her condition

Pregnant with twins, Perpetual Uke, a doctor of rheumatology, was due in July. But in April, she was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, due to Covid-19. Her general condition would have deteriorated quickly, forcing doctors to place her in an artificial coma. That was the way to stabilize her, reports the Demotivator website.

Caesarean delivery at around 6.5 months of pregnancy

Doctors then made the decision to deliver the babies, just 26 weeks old, by Caesarean section in case their mothers did not recover. The newborns - a girl and a boy - weighed only 765 and 850 g at birth. They were placed in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

"I couldn't see my round belly anymore and I thought my babies were gone"

Perpetual Uke eventually conquered her illness, but when she woke up she was in a panic that she could no longer see her round belly. "I immediately thought my babies were gone…" she told British newspaper Metronews. The mother of the family said she now felt "very well" and would have only vague memories of her hospitalization.

"The family is reunited and we are all very, very happy"

This woman came out of a coma 16 days after giving birth. Today, "the family is reunited and we are all very, very happy," said Perpetual Uke. She will now enjoy the new chapter of her life.

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