Japan: Mayor's name is pronounced 'Jo Bai-Den', Internet users are carried away

Kanji ideograms used in the Japanese language each have multiple pronunciations

The name of Yutaka Umeda, mayor of the municipality of Yamato (Japan), has recently been circulating on social networks. The Japanese ideograms forming the surname of the city councilor can indeed be pronounced "Jo" and "Bai-Den", like the new American president, reports Courrier International.

This peculiarity of kanjis, Japanese ideograms, greatly amused Internet users. They hastened to nickname the mayor "the Japanese Joe Biden" and multiplied the jokes. " How is it possible ? »,« What a strange coincidence! "Or" Long live the president! ", Commented several Internet users.

The "same passion for politics"

"I have a feeling that could create a bond between us," joked Japanese politician to media outlet Asahi Shimbun, who asked him about his near namesake. “This story completely caught me off guard and puzzled me a bit. The city councilor was told of the excitement he was arousing online by a relative, according to the commune office.

“Between the candidate for the American election and me […], we certainly have very different functions, but I suppose we share the same passion for politics,” said “Jo Bai-Den”. “For the well-being of the inhabitants of the village, I continue to do my best. "

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