Chinese retiree lives with over 1,300 stray dogs

Wen Junhong lives in southwest China. Retired, she houses more than a thousand stray dogs and devotes her time to them.

Dogs, cats, birds, but also horses

It all started 20 years ago. Wen Junhong then picked up a little Pekingese abandoned on a street in Chongqing Municipality, in southwest China. Since then, this retiree has not stopped collecting stray dogs to provide them with shelter. Every day, new residents would arrive at her home.

Wen Junhong is said to currently share his home with more than 1,300 stray dogs. She also takes care of several cats, rabbits, birds and even horses. This lady devotes not only her time, but also her economy for these animals.

"Some people think I'm crazy"

Each room in his home is furnished with cages stacked on top of each other. “Some people think I'm crazy,” Ms. Junhong said, but stressed that “Earth is not just made for humans, it is for all animals.”

The retiree starts her day at 4 a.m. with the task of evacuating between 20 and 30 buckets of poop, reports RTL. She then prepares up to 500 kilograms of food. Six people help him every day. His fame on social networks has also allowed him to collect donations to take care of these animals.

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