Auctions: the price of a pair of sneakers could approach a million dollars

At the auction from December 7 to 16, Sotheby’s house will offer an exceptional pair of sneakers, the price of which can climb to a million dollars.

"These products only concern the (...) richest"

From December 7 to 16, a unique pair of sneakers will be auctioned off by Sotheby's. Designed by outfitter Adidas and porcelain maker Meissen, the pair could fetch the price of one million dollars. The model is estimated at $1 million by Sotheby's.

Made on the basis of the ZX8000, this leather pair was painted by craftsmen from Meissen. They affixed porcelain elements. This exceptional model could cross the market of collector's sneakers, thanks to its design and its rarity. "These extremely rare products offered by auction houses only concern the richest 0.01% among collectors," said Tom Woodger, vice president of cultural marketing for the online platform StockX.

"There is an evolution of the market (...)"

The collector's sneakers market has exploded in recent years. This year, the record for a pair of sneakers has been broken several times. In mid-August, Nike Air Jordan 1s were sold for $ 615,000. "There is an evolution in the market, which now sees these sneakers as art," said Brahm Wachter, director of online sales development at Sotheby's.

According to Brahm Wachter, with the arrival of new collectors and other unique pairs at auction, the market could change quickly.

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