The largest and most valuable blue sapphire in the world was discovered in Sri Lanka

The discovery is unique in the world. The Sri Lankan authorities exposed this Sunday, December 12 the largest blue sapphire ever discovered, weighing 310 kilos. The presentation took place in Horana, the largest city in the country, at the owner of the quarry where the stone was found.

According to local experts, this sapphire, discovered three months ago, is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, by weight. This stone is characterized by the white star which sits at its top. But its value has yet to be certified internationally.

The stone was found near Rattnapura, nicknamed "the city of gems". The largest deposit of star sapphire had already been discovered there in a garden.

According to figures from representatives of the island's gemstone industry, Sri Lanka exported $500 million worth of gemstones in 2020. The geological conditions of Sri Lankan soil are particularly favorable for the development of these stones. The recently discovered sapphire could cost close to $100 million.

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