The Story of a Wannabe Socialite.

The woman recognized as Anna Delvey by the elites of New York, had lied about her true identity for years. The people who spend their time partying and spending money on designer clothes were convinced that this Russian-German lady belonged to their high social class. However, once they knew who she really was, this was a real shock for all of them.

Keep reading to know her full story.

The woman with secrets

Anna Delvey managed to create the look of an heiress of a really wealthy family by treating herself to lots of exclusive experiences, trips, clothes, etc. All the people who got to know her just accepted it. This wasn’t an exactly new phenomenon in high-end circles of New York.

Anna had an expensive habit of living in hotels in Soho, which might have seemed strange to some, but everyone who knew just thought that it was more convenient for the person who parties all the time and has to go to the home country often to meet visa requirements.

Apparently, this story was so convincing that even in the hotel Anna preferred to live in, they didn’t ask for her credit card information, and she just paid cash. Also, it wasn’t anything unusual for the woman to use that cash very generously, tipping as much as $100 sometimes.

She even made friends with one of the hotel’s employees, Neffatari Davis. These two went out together, and the hotel employee even remembered her shock when on one event she got a seat next to Macaulay Culkin, and Anna seemed to know him quite well.

People actually remember Anna being very good at establishing contact with others. She was good at becoming friends with others in a very short period of time, even though those friends didn’t know a thing about her true self.

Another friend

Michael Xufu Huang was yet another person with whom Miss Delvey hit it off almost immediately. They bonded over art, and soon went on a trip to Italy together. She asked him to pay for the expenses using his credit card, which he did, but then she completely forgot to pay him back. He realized that Anna was a fraud when the organizers of her birthday party contacted him trying to reach the woman, as she never paid the bills for the celebration.

Gossip girl

By that time, people had started gossiping about Anna and where she gets her money from. The first theory was that her dad was a Russian diplomat or had a business in the oil sector. Another one is that she comes from a German family that earned a fortune by antique trading. Those stories didn’t seem to upset Anna at all. On the opposite, she enjoyed the attention.

But it wasn’t all. She had a bigger goal in mind, as she wanted to create so-called The Anna Delvey Foundation where nightlife and art would meet. For this, she had to find investors as well as take out some loans. People started to question her heiress status, but Anna was quick to explain that she just couldn’t access her money while staying in the US. She also hosted some fundraising events.

Things go downhill

By this time, she’s accumulated some debts as she was late with her payments for the hotel, and, as we remember, she never gave them her credit card information. In the end, the hotel received $30,000, and she restored her name for some time. However, when they demanded the information about her credit card, she started a scandal, and then went to Morocco with her friend and personal trainer Rachel Williams. Anna asked Rachel to pay with her credit card, as hers were declined. Rachel agreed and quickly regretted, as she got a $62,000 bill.

Not only Rachel, but also lots of other people who Anna borrowed money from, confronted the wannabe socialite and demanded her to pay them back. She told them the same story about the money she couldn’t access, but no one believed her, of course.  Rachel Williams, Anna’s ex-trainer, got in touch with the New York District Attorney and informed them about Anna’s suspicious behavior.

Anna was arrested because of her unpaid bills for hotels, but was bailed out. A few weeks later she was arrested again for multiple cases of larceny and theft of services.

The truth

In reality, Anna Delvey’s real last name was Sorokin. She was born in Russia in 1991, but now her family lives in Germany, this part of the story was true this whole time. However, she’s far from being an heiress of wealthy parents, her family is an average one income-wise. Currently, there’s a possibility that the woman will spend up to 15 years in prison. According to the judge, Anna has no signs of remorse, but what she does have, is an upcoming Netflix series about her life! Now we can only wait and see what happens next. 

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